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This year’s CHOSEN gathering is about God leading you into a deeper revelation of your destiny. Ray Hughes and Steve Dittmar, are uniquely gifted and anointed leaders, coming to equip us all prophetically in our destinies. Not only as individuals but as believers, who gather as a corporate body with our families and friends.


Expect to receive more of your destinies; and be equipped to lead the Body of Christ into the new places of understanding God’s Kingdom, the music and the Message.

JOINING US FOR Aug 16th-19th, 2017

GOD’S PROVISION this year is for us to enjoy hearing from PASTOR STEVE DITTMAR and a fresh ministry prayer team who are coming from Jubilee Church, Camarillo.  They will all speak and pray into our lives concerning expanding the intimacy we are developing in our relationship with Jesus.


RAY HUGHES will speak into our lives prophetically concerning our understanding of the sounds we carry and make which affect our futures and influence all those around us.